Sunday, May 20, 2012

New York Memories

Last year around Thanksgiving, I went to New York. Here's a couple of pictures from the trip :)

Brooklyn Bridge. End of November and 25'C !

Brooklyn. The part of New York I can imagine living in.

The cutest scene I got to see in NYC. A little boy walking a dog with his grandmother. They were great together.

Cenral Park. The most beautiful park I've ever seen. 

Me trying to find something on a map :)

A typical NY picture: A lady with a dog. 
(Taken from a Starbucks store while enjoying my Gingerbread Latte) 

Apples in the Big Apple.

Rockefeller Center. They were just building the Xmas tree.

Liberty Island.
Jacket & Pants, Levi's
Scarf & Belt, H&M

Wall Street. 



  1. tyjo! závist .) příští rok sem tam snad taky podívám, teď začínám šetřit

  2. krásné fotky!závidím=)

  3. Jeeee tam by se fotilo! Pěkné fotky, líbí se mi. NY ti sluší :)