Thursday, June 14, 2012


Yesterday was the day of the semester's last Italian class.
Our professor is a gentleman form Napoli, Maurizio, who is always very elegant, enthusiastic, and helpful. And he calls me Daviduccio :)

Here are a couple of pictures with him.

Checking each other's shoes.

Blazer & Shirt, Zara
Pants & Tie, H&M
Handkerchief, vintage

"For us, cooking is not about nutrition. It's a philosophy of life."

Our class. (Some people are missing) :)

Here is a happy Italian song from the 80s. And if you want to "feel" Italy, I'd watch Eat Pray Love. The Italian part of the movie is molto bella!

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  1. Jeee tobě to sluší. Já si vždycky vzpomenu na písničku L'italiano od Toto Cotugno když jde o Italii, pak tu pitomou melodii nemůžu celý den dostat z hlavy.