Friday, August 31, 2012

How Time Flies

One place, one David, more than 15 years. Lots of things changed, some things stayed the same. Back then, I was a 4-year-old buy, now I'm 21. Back then, I was just admiring the dog, but didn't have one. Now I do. Back then, my sister was in the pram, now she took the picture. Nostalgia, change, memories, fun. I'm gonna do this more often :)

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Thursday, August 30, 2012


I finally have one too. Bobble, a bottle which filters your tap water. You can choose between three different sizes and plenty of filter colors. I went for the green one this time, but as you have to change the filter every 2 months, I already have another filter color in mind (see the last picture) :)
Check out bobble's website for more info, such as where to get one, prices, etc.

This is my new 0.55l green bobble.

And this is the filter I wanna get next time.

What do you think about bobble? 

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arrivederci Ostrava

After a week spent in my hometown, it's time to say goodbye again and head back to Austria. New semester is coming and so is David. Here are some pictures of Ostrava from the last week :) 
Arrivederci, mia città!

I love plane trees!


There was barely a day I didn't go to Starbucks. This is from when I went there with 
these two awesome bloggers and great friends of mine!

Nová Karolina. 

Where are you flying?

Masarykovo namesti.

Cathedral of the Divine Savior. 

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yellow Chair

Once upon a time, there was a sad, old, brown chair. It was hidden somewhere in the attic, nobody gave a damn about it. And then one day, a guy named David found it and made a nice yellow chair out of it. The chair lived happily ever after.

Pants & Sweater, H&M

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hiking in Slovakia

We spent the last week hiking in Slovakia. And I was amazed. If you guys like hiking at least a little bit, Slovakia is the place to go. Beautiful weather, breathtaking sceneries, sore legs, and my camera always ready. Hope you enjoy it!

Tomasovsky vyhlad, Slovensky raj.

Lake in Dedinky.

We bought some fresh trouts. Yummy!

And this is High Tatras already. Loved it!!

Zelene pleso, one of the many mountain lakes. Pure beauty. 

Our reward :)

Avalanches!!! :)

Panorama. I would just stand there, watch, and breathe. For hours.

Another mountain lake. Mmmm!

Amore mio with a chamois (bottom right hand corner) :)

Timberlands, you did a good job.

Slightly below 2,023 m.

Skalnate pleso. Lomnicky Stit in the cloudy background.

On the way to Sucha Bela, Slovensky raj.


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Saturday, August 4, 2012

É pericoloso sporgersi !

I've been on a train pretty often lately. And I like it. Planning a journey, having something to be looking forward to, buying tickets, being at a station/airport, watching people going to different places, getting on a and off trains, checking in at gates, buying magazines, coffee, and bottles of water. Traveling, being on the way, being on the move, living the life.

Shirt, H&M

Pants, H&M

My dream Samsonite suitcase. I wanna buy this one and travel through the whole UK and Italy. With only this suitcase, some cash, and a camera. That's the plan.

Some of my tickets. Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Those are "my three countries" :)

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sunglasses, my love!

Yes, they're all mine :) And some are still missing. I simply love sunglasses. There's almost not a day I don't wear them. How about you guys? Are you also such addicts?

And this is my favorite trio: 

Have a great August!!!

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