Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vienna Mix

Wunderschönen guten Abend!
I am very very sorry that I haven't been posting that much lately, but I've been busy.   
New job, new apartment, new life, new suit, new time set on my alarm clock, and many other new things.

Probably the best coffee I've ever had. I'm serious. Dead serious.
Cafe Dias, Bratislava (Colombian coffee).

My morning. 
U-bahn where "Türe schliessen automatisch" and a breakfast from one of the bakeries.

I don't really like the Starbucks at Kärtner Straße or any place else. This one, however, is really nice. 
Starbucks Rotenturmstraße. And by the way, I kind of like black tea now. 
Especially at 8 in the evening.

Boring Mondays? History! Wine Mondays? That's the spririt!
Make your Mondays better by drinking wine in the evening.

The view from our office. Love it!

Swimming Thursdays. 
This week we went to Amalienbad in the 10th district. 
But maaan, there were like 3 million people! Or maybe 4..

Thursday snow.

Bow-Tie Fridays!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013? 2013!

Guys, sorry for not posting anything for so long, but I was really busy - exams, Christmas, New Year, craziness!

Here is a summary of my last 2 weeks :)

My second (or third?) home. Shame they didn't have my favorite Gingerbread Latte though!

I saw a great movie during the Holidays - The Lucky One. Trailer here
I also went to see Anna Karenina. Not bad either!

Main station in Ostrava - really?

New Year's in Vienna. 

 Happy New Year!!