Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013? 2013!

Guys, sorry for not posting anything for so long, but I was really busy - exams, Christmas, New Year, craziness!

Here is a summary of my last 2 weeks :)

My second (or third?) home. Shame they didn't have my favorite Gingerbread Latte though!

I saw a great movie during the Holidays - The Lucky One. Trailer here
I also went to see Anna Karenina. Not bad either!

Main station in Ostrava - really?

New Year's in Vienna. 

 Happy New Year!!


  1. Talisman! Na to jsem taky byla v kině, je to podle mě takové střední.. Ale ten herec je tam prostě krásný a ti psi taky ;)

    1. Aano, hlavne ti psi a prostredi se mi dost libilo :)