Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May !!!

One of our kisses on May 1. The only one under a blooming cherry tree :)

The "Hauptplatz" in Wiener Neustadt with a maypole.

This was on the menu today. Chicken with mozzarella, blue cheese, mushrooms and carrots. YUMMY!

The dessert. Vanilla ice cream and a raspberry on the top. It is also possible to add one more
piece and get eyes or boobs :)

Me with an orange crayon.


  1. Hrozně se mi líbí, jak uvolněně tvůj blog působí .)

  2. daj si tu niekde followerov, alebo nejaky odkaz na follow, lebo inak neviem ako ta follownut! :D

  3. :) Tak. Followeri jsou uplne dole a nahore je i odkaz na Bloglovin' :) Diky!

  4. u're crazy & I like it :D
    cheers :*